Welcome to the online boutique! The future is so uncertain, but in my eyes I see a B&M again soon!

My name is Tammy, and I founded this company with a few important inspirations in mind. Primarily, a woman's outward expression of herself should celebrate this moment in time. We strive to encourage and honor you -- all of you! -- during your shopping experience. Our histories and walks of life are as varied as the bodies that carry us through difficulties and triumphs alike. The inherent opportunity for your clothing to showcase personality and strength is what drives us. Personal connection with our customers is what sustains us. We see you, we see the beauty you carry into our shop, and we can't wait to help you find the best fit that reflects what resides within. Welcome to EastCoastShe, a shopping boutique where experience goes deeper than the clothes that bring us together, and one that commemorates our journeys together as women through trendy, handpicked pieces.

My mission is to build emotional connections, creating lasting relationships with women throughout all communities through their shopping experiences.